Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.

Research & Development, Analytical Services and Consulting in Advanced Sensors, Materials and Fuels

R&D Services

AFR supplies contract research and product development services for research institutes, government laboratories and for corporate research & development. R&D Services at AFR are generally focused in the following technical areas:

  • Non Routine Analytical Services
  • Customized Instrumentation Development
  • Advanced Life Support 
  • Reactor Modeling
  • Consulting Services
  • Pyrolysis Reactor Design and Analysis - Pyrolysis is the process of thermal decomposition to produce gases, liquids (tar), and char (solid residue). These pyrolysis products can all be used as fuels, with or without prior upgrading, or they can be utilized as feedstocks for chemical and material industries. The types of materials which are candidates for pyrolysis processing include coal, plant biomass, animal and human waste, food scraps, paper, cardboard, plastics, and rubber. AFR has developed novel pyrolyis experiments (Series 101 TG/Plus Analyzer) and modeling techniques (FG-DVC Modeling Software).



        R&D 100 Award Winner 2012, 2008, 2001, 1996, and 1995

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        AFR R&D Services can give you access to a major investment in sophisticated instrumentation, up-to-date laboratory facilities, a staff of experienced scientists and technicians, and the experience in complex project management to meet your deliverables on-time and within your budget.