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MKS Multi-Gas® 2030 FT-IR Gas Analyzer - AFR has six 2030 Multi-Gas Analyzers, which employ a 2100 Process FT-IR Spectrometer to obtain high resolution infrared spectra which are compared to quantitative library reference spectra for high sensitivity and accurate analysis of most gases and vapors. The FT-IR is coupled to a Model 20/20™ long path gas cell with non-spherical, aberration - correcting mirrors. The cell provides more than twice the throughput of a standard White Cell. Robust quantitative analysis software can simultaneously analyze up to 50 gases.

Gas Chromatograph - A Carle AGC 400 gas chromatograph, is available for gas analyses. Both FID and TCD detectors are used with automatic switching of packed columns to analyze for H2, N2, O2, CO, H2S, and all hydrocarbons up through C4`s. Larger hydrocarbons can be estimated from a backflush peak.

Gas Chromatograph - A HNU Model 421 gas chromatograph is available for liquid analyses. It has a FID detector and is fitted with a fused silica capillary column.

Waters HPLC system equipped with a model 450 variable wavelength UV-VIS detector is modified to be able to operate in the scanning mode for the whole spectral range (200-700 mm). The system was recently equipped with a concentrator-fiber optic IR transmittance micro cell to collect direct hyphenated FT-IR spectra in the HPLC-FT-IR coupled mode.

TG/FT-IR - This apparatus allows a thermogravimetric (TG) analysis to be performed on a sample at the same time as the evolved products (including condensables) are analyzed by FT-IR. This instrument has been developed by AFR in conjunction with Bomem, Inc. (an FT-IR manufacturer). The apparatus consists of a Dupont 951 TGA coupled with a multi-pass infrared cell. As the sample is heated, the evolving volatile species are carried out of the furnace directly into the cell for analysis by a Bomem Michelson 100 FT-IR and provides for on-line quantitative analysis of CO, CO2, H2O, CH4, C2H6, C2H4, C2H2, C3H8, benzene, heavy paraffins, heavy olefins, HCN, HCl, NH3, SO2, CS2 COS, CH3OH, CH3COOH, CH3COCH3, and other species.

Laboratory Reactor Systems - Several laboratory reactors are available, ranging from 1 inch to 6 inch diameters. These can be used for programmed pyrolysis, gasification or oxidation reactions.

FT-IR Spectral Emissometer - The Model 205 NB and Model 205 WB Emissometers are Bench Top FT-IR based instruments designed specifically to facilitate simultaneous measurements of surface spectral emittance and temperature using optical techniques over the Near and/or Mid-IR spectral range at temperatures ranging from 50 to 1000oC. This patented technology (U.S. patent #5,239,488) can be used to measure radiative properties (emittance, reflectance, transmittance) as a function of temperature for a wide range of materials. Provided are measurements over a wide spectral range from 12,500 to 500 cm-1 (0.8 to 20 microns) for the Model 205 WB, and from 6000 to 500 cm-1 (1.7 to 20 microns) for the Model 205 NB.

Black Body Sources - The Mikron M335 blackbody calibration source is a general purpose high temperature source which provides a very quick heat-up time of only 20 minutes to reach 1400 °C. A self-tuning digital PID controller with adjustable set point holds the temperature to within 1 °C. An independent over temperature alarm and control system prevents heating element burnout; an internal fan keeps the cabinet surface at safe, comfortable temperature.

ISI SEM and PGT X-Ray Analyzer - For characterizing the morphology and impurities of materials, an ISI model SX-30 scanning electron microscope with Princeton Gamma-Tech System 4 x-ray analyzer is available. This microscope system has an ultimate resolution of 60A. The attached x-ray analyzer system has the capability of measuring elements heavier than sodium. 

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