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Video Camera - A Sony 8 mm camera has a very sensitive CCD detector which can reach low light levels and obtain single pictures at 1/4000 sec shutter speed.

Optical Microscope - Olympus FZ-1145 series with stereo, zoom, and maximum magnification greater than 200x

SEM - For characterizing the morphology and composition of materials and films, an ISI model SX-30 scanning electron microscope (SEM) with Princeton Gamma-Tech, System 4 x-ray analyzer, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), is available. This microscope system has an ultimate resolution of 10 nm. The attached x-ray analyzer system has the capability of measuring quantitatively all elements heavier than sodium.

Flat Bed Color Scanner - The HP ScanJet 4c scanner is a versatile flatbed scanner that captures both black and white and color drawings, photographs, and text at high resolution (2400 dpi enhanced resolution and 600 dpi optical resolution). If using optical character recognition (OCR) software, the HP ScanJet 4c scanner can scan text into a format that can be edited.

Digital Camera - Olympus D-300L. A 1024x768 High Quality Image camera with: all glass aspherical F2.8 autofocus lens, video out, 3 levels of compression, exposure controls, auto flash with "red-eye" reduction.

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