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FG-DVC - Functional-Group, Depolymerization, Vaporization, Cross-Linking Model

The Functional-Group, Depolymerization, Vaporization, Cross-linking (FG-DVC) model is a comprehensive code for predicting yields and compositions of coal-pyrolysis products (gas, tar, and char). The quantification of gas-phase NOx precursors is also possible. The code is particularly useful in modeling high heating rate processes, where experimental data are difficult to collect. Coal switching, blending, and co-firing of biomass and coal are other applications. The model is based on the fundamentals of coal chemistry and physics. The model has recently been extended to biomass and to processes involving large coal particles. For coals, the minimum input is ultimate analysis, but more reliable results are obtained if input files are generated on the basis of TG-FTIR analysis available from Advanced Fuel Research. (TG-FTIR = thermogravimetric analyzer combined with Fourier transform infrared analysis of evolving products.) In the case of biomass, we recommend input files based on TG-FTIR data. The model is available as a stand-alone version and as a submodel for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes.

FG-DVC Modeling features, applications, modeling approach, validation and users can be found in our FG-DVC Modeling documentation.

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