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Combustion Monitoring & Controls

The Combustion Monitoring & Control (CM&C) group at AFR performs R&D to result in new instrumentation and measurement methodologies to benefit gas turbine engine industry and other combustion dependent industries using the following applications:

  • Portable MultiGas Analyzer for quantitative analysis of combustion exhaust and other process gases. Core components of this product were developed under sponsorship of the DoD/BMDO and DoE SBIR programs. DoD/Air Force SBIR sponsorship developed components for the combustion gas application, and DoE NICE3 sponsorship provided for industrial demonstrations. AFR is a value-added reseller and integrator for MKS On-Line ProductsTM (a spin-off of AFR), the designer and manufacturer of this instrument. For more information visit MKS On-Line ProductsTM
  • DoE NICE3 Fact Sheet Link: Download NICE3 Fact Sheet
  • Air Force SBIR Impact Story Link: Download SBIR Impact Story
    Infrared radiation thermometer for thermal barrier coated turbine blades and vanes - in development
  • Control sensor for combustion instabilities in turbine engines and afterburners - in development
  • In-situ multigas analysis for quantitative analysis of combustion exhaust (including ammonia slip) and other process gases - in development

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