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High Temperature Spectral Emissometer for radiative properties measurements (spectral emittance/reflectance/transmittance) as a function of temperature. Measurements are performed in the AFR laboratory with this unique device which was developed under sponsorship of the U.S. Air Force SBIR program.

Emissometer service


Portable MultiGas Analyzer for quantitative analysis of combustion exhaust and other process gases. Core components of this product were developed under sponsorship of the DoD/BMDO and DoE SBIR programs. DoD/Air Force SBIR sponsorship developed components for the combustion gas application, and DoE NICE3 sponsorship provided for industrial demonstrations. AFR is a value-added reseller and integrator for MKS On-Line ProductsTM (a spin-off of AFR), the designer and manufacturer of this instrument. For more information visit MKS On-Line ProductsTM

DoE NICE3 Fact Sheet Link:  Download NICE3 Fact Sheet

Air Force SBIR Impact Story Link: Download SBIR Impact Story


Infrared radiation thermometer for thermal barrier coated turbine blades and vanes - in development


Control sensor for combustion instabilities in turbine engines and afterburners - in development


In-situ multigas analysis for quantitative analysis of combustion exhaust (including ammonia slip) and other process gases - in development


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